Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How To Brew An Invigoration Potion | Master Notes


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite released this week, and wizards of the world are out exploring Inns, finding Foundables, and taking part in battles in Fortresses. During battles, you can use potions to help you out, but healing you, or adding power to your spells. The Invigoration Potion will grant you +1 Focus for casting Strategic Spells in Wizarding Challenges. In this guide, we will show you how to brew it.

How To Brew An Invigoration Potion

First things first, you need to be at least Level 4 to be able to brew potions, and you will need to be at least Level 8 to be able to brew an Invigoration Potion. To brew a potion, click on the suitcase icon on your main screen, then go into the potions section. Select an open brewing slot, then select the Invigoration Potion from the list of available options.

To brew any potion, you also need to have the right ingredients in your Inventory. These ingredients can be found by exploring the game world. To make an Invigoration Potion, you will need the following:

  • Vervain Infusion x1
  • Scurvygrass x1
  • Lovage x2

When the potion is brewing, you can speed up the brew time using Master Notes. The usually brew time for this potion is 3 hours. To enter Master Notes, tap on the spoon handle on the right side of the cauldron. Some boxes will appear, and you will need to trace the following patters onto them with your fingers. A Horizontal swipe, a Vertical swipe, another Vertical Swipe, and a Pinch Out. When you successfully enter the Master Note, the box should fill up with the pattern you entered. Once you do this three times for any potion, the Master Notes will appear from that point on, and you can trace them in rather than needing to remember them.

And that should be just about everything you need to know to brew an Invigoration Potion. Best of luck in your battles!