Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How To Create And Register Your Wand


Wands are essential in the world of Harry Potter. Every Wizard needs a wand, and every wand needs a Wizard. In the books and films a young Wizard will go to Diagon Alley to get their wand, but in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you can create your own wand. If you want to help Harry, Hermione, and the Ministry of Magic to control the events that have been unfolding in the game, you will need an excellent wand to help you through.

How To Create A Wand

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wand Options

When you first load up the game and play through the tutorial, you will see various icons populate on the main game screen. Click on the picture of the lone Wizard in the bottom left of the screen; this is your Profile. From here, you can do all sorts of things, including creating your wand and registering it with the Ministry of Magic.

Just below the section where you can pick your profile picture and your Profession, you will see “Register Your Wand.” Click on this section and on the next screen you can choose the type of Wood you wand is made from, the Core of the wand, and the Flexibility and Length of the wand. If you would like any information on what the various options represent, you can click on the small “i” symbol on each section.

Now, the type of wand you have will not impact the game in any way. You can still cast all the same spells, fight all the same monsters, and take part in all the same activities, regardless of your type of wand. This aspect of the game is purely some lore friendly fun for people to have. It also seems that you can change your wand details at any time. When you are happy with your wand, click on Register and a picture of your wand will now appear on your profile.