Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Which Profession Should You Choose


If wands and Houses don’t matter that much in Harry Potter: Wizard Unite, then Professions matter a lot. Professions are unlocked at level six, and you can choose between Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor. Each skill tree has strengths and weaknesses, and you can unlock Spell Books and Scrolls as you play that will affect things like your Power, Stamina, and Focus. You can switch between classes, but your Spell Books and Scrolls will not carry over. As such, it can be best to level up your skill trees in low difficulty content, just in case you need one of the classes for one of the game’s tougher challenges.

Which Profession Should You Choose


Harry Potter himself leads Aurors, and they specialize in magical combat against the Dark Arts. Their skill tree focuses on strength in battle and damage dealing. They have the lowest stamina and health of the classes, but the most damage. They can also score critical hits on enemies, doing more damage to them. They are strong against Dark Force enemies, but weak against Beast enemies and will take extra damage from them.


Hagrid leads the Magizoologists, the carers of the wizarding world. They can heal and wield spells that are designed to help the team rather than damage enemies. They have the lowest Stamina of the three classes. They are strong against Beasts and weak against Curiosities.


Professor McGonagle leads the rest of the Professors, and they are a jack of all trades type of class. They can buff friendlies, and debuff enemies, making them incredibly valuable in any lobby. They are strong against Curiosities and weak against Dark Force enemies.

You can earn Scrolls from chests by completing Traces and finding Foundables for your Registry. Spell Books can be found in chests from completing Wizarding Challenges in Fortresses. These are hard to get and will require teamwork with your fellow Wizards.

You can use these items to increase your Stamina, Power, and other stats. You can find a full breakdown of the stats below:

  • Stamina – Your health in fights.
  • Power – How much damage your spells will do.
  • Protego Power – Defensive spell power.
  • Precision – Critical chance for attacks.
  • Critical Power – additional damage caused by critical attacks.
  • Proficiency Power – the buff to spell damage against enemies who are weak to your Profession.
  • Deficiency Defense – added protection against enemies that do more damage to your class.
  • Accuracy – hit chance for all spells cast against enemies.

Now, how you want to build your Wizard is entirely up to you, but it usually makes sense to lean into the stats they are already good at and let the other Professions do their job in battles. Aurors should build damage, while Magizoologists should ensure they can cast lots of powerful healing spells.

It is also a good idea to spend some time playing as each class, so you understand what they all can do, and are not making assumptions about their abilities to help you out in the middle of a battle. It boils down to what type of wizard you want to be. Just pick the Profession that most closely resembles how you want to play the game.