Has D.Va been disabled in Overwatch?

D.Va has gone M.I.A.

Image via Activision Blizzard

D.Va is one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes because of her attitude, nationality, and the fact that she’s a badass video game pro piloting a mech that can go nuclear anytime. She is also very good at breaking the game. Unfortunately, with the newest update, D.Va is currently unplayable in Overwatch. Here is why.

Players looking forward to getting their hands on the new Winter Wonderland skins were met with an additional surprise when they actually went to play the game, and her portrait was nowhere to be seen on the character select screen. According to Community Manager Josh Nash, before the Winter Wonderland was pushed through, they found a “critical” bug that warranted temporarily removing her from the game. There is no current timetable for her return.

This is not the first time D.Va has had to be temporarily suspended from Overwatch. On the development side of things, creating a character that can jump out of her mech and act as its own independent character while still occupying the same space is difficult to code for, so with an ever-evolving game like Overwatch that has received consistent updates since 2016, it makes sense that something would go wrong from time to time.

While it may be frustrating for D.Va mains to be completely shut off from their favorite hero, these turnoffs have not lasted too long in the past, so hopefully, Blizzard can push through a hotfix sooner rather than later. If the development team found an error they describe as “critical,” players are bound to be happier to have a more stable and fair game than let her break or crash the game.

Update 1

The reason D. Va has been temporarily removed is that when her health reached zero in her mech, she would not be ejected like normal, meaning it was impossible to kill her in a team fight. You can see an example of this in Austin Fry’s Twitter post below.

With Overwatch being a highly competitive game, you can understand why Blizzard quickly pulled D.Va from the game. Even with no way for her to use her ultimate, being invincible seems a bit O.P.

Update 2

D.Va is back up and running.