Hearthstone update 21.0.3 changes – All card changes, Battlegrounds updates, and metagame implications

Bringing balance back to the tavern.

The Hearthstone 21.0.3 patch dropped on August 16, and it included sweeping nerfs in standard Hearthstone that appear to be tuning down the recent dominance of aggressive and quest-centric decks on ladder. The patch also gives some much-deserved Battlegrounds buffs and even re-introduces a familiar face.

Card changes

  • Incanter’s Flow changed from (2) mana -> (3) mana
  • Il’gynoth changed from (4) mana (2/6) -> (6) mana (4/8)
  • Dark Glare changed from (2) mana (2/3) -> (3) mana (3/4)
  • Battleground Battlemaster changed from (5) mana -> (6) mana
  • Kolkar Pack Runner changed from (2) mana (2/3) -> (3) mana (3/4)
  • Granite Forgeborn changed from (4/5) -> (4/4)
  • Conviction changed from (1) mana (at all ranks) -> (2) mana (at all ranks)
  • Flesh Giant changed from (8) mana -> (9) mana


It appears as though the community’s cries have been heard, as both aggro decks and quest decks have been nerfed. While the top aggro decks have sported some impressive winrates as of late, many of the so-called “solitaire” decks also took hits in this patch despite their middling winrates, which seems to be in an effort to get control style decks back on the menu.

Perhaps most notably, Il’ygnoth will rely much more heavily on being discounted to be able to find his previously shockingly swift lethal before his opponents. Additionally, Warlocks took a double hit between Dark Glare and Flesh Giant, both being a part of perhaps the class’s strongest trait right now: “cheating” mana.

Battlegrounds updates

  • Shudderwock (Rework): Snicker-snack [Costs 0] Add a 1/1 Shudderling to your hand that repeats all Battlecries you’ve played. (Twice per game).
  • Dancin’ Deryl (Buff): [Passive] After you sell a minion, randomly give a minion in Bob’s Tavern +1/+1 three times.
  • Fungalmancer Flurgl (Update): [Passive] After you sell a minion, add a random Murloc to Bob’s Tavern.
  • Maiev Shadowsong (Buff): [Costs 1] Make a minion in Bob’s Tavern Dormant. After 3 turns, get it with +2/+2.
  • Malygos (Buff): [Costs 0] Replace a minion with a random one of the same Tavern Tier. (Twice per turn).


There is a new Shudderwock on the block, and it certainly looks interesting, though time will tell how strong it turns out to be. The real winner of these updates looks like it’s going to be Flurgl. He has long been considered a “meme” hero, but with such a massive buff, he might just be the scariest murloc Bob has ever served in the tavern, especially with a token start. Expect to see a whole lot more of these two in your Battlegrounds lobbies when this patch drops on August 17.