Hellblade – All Gate & Rune Door Solutions

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice challenges players with puzzles as they work through the story. Here is how to bypass each gate and door.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice challenges the player with several unique puzzles throughout, but the most prevalent feature are the Rune Gates. These doors are sealed and will remain so until you find the required runes to open them. Instead of merely finding items or symbols in the environment, most of the rune symbols are well hidden. Some require players to light torches, jump between dimensions, or even backtrack until the angles are just right.

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The game does assist the player by displaying runes when Senua gets close to the required area, but it can still be tricky. We’re here to show you all the solutions to all 15 Rune Gates in the game.

Chapter 1

The first rune gate you’ll encounter requires a single “M” shaped rune which can be found in the form of a shadow on nearby rocks to the right of the gate.

Rune Gate 1

Chapter 2 – Valravn’s Trial

To access the Illusion Trial, Senua will have to choose the left door when given the choice. In this particular area, you will have to deal with several Illusion Gates, which block your path. We’ve included the solutions for those below. Each rune gate will only require the Raven Rune symbol, but getting to the right place to see it, can be tricky.

Illusion Gate 1

Go up the hill and look through the illusion gate facing the stone wall. You’ll see it unblock the stone door. Walk through the gate and the path will become reality.

Illusion Gate 2 and Rune Gate 2

In order to get to the spot you’ll be able to see the rune for the second rune gate, you’ll have to pass through the second illusion gate first.

Once you’ve made your way through the newly revealed path, walk up the stairs and position yourself in front of the door to find the rune needed to unlock the second rune gate.

Illusion Gates 3, 4, 5, and 6

You have to change the environment by passing through four illusion gates in order to unlock the next rune door.

Rune Gate 3

Once you’ve repaired the stairs with the sixth illusion gate, you can walk up to the platform and unlock the runes required to open the third rune gate.

Illusion Gates 7 – 11

Getting to the fourth rune gate in the Illusion Trial area requires passing through five illusion gates and activating a variety of drop-bridges and other items in order to let Senua eliminate the number of possible Raven Rune options.

Rune Gate 4

Once all but one option have been eliminated by using the illusion gates above, it’s merely a matter of unlocking the Raven Rune to open the fourth gate.

Illusion Gates 12 and 13

The last two illusion gates allow Senua to climb to the top of a tree.

Rune Gate 5

Once atop the tree, Senua can focus on the final Raven Rune to unlock the fifth Rune Gate.

Chapter 3 – Surtr’s Trial

Once back in the previous area, the right door will lead to Surtr’s realm, where Senua will have to cope with a variety of fire related obstacles. The solutions to the Rune Gates in this area are below.

Rune Gate 6

Both runes here can be found by focusing on several wooden poles in the proper way.

Rune Gate 7

The “X” shaped rune can be found in the trees in the centre of the courtyard, while the “R” shape can be seen in the shape of the blood on the ground. You will have to enter the left house in order to get to the second floor of the right house to get the proper angle.

Rune Gate 8

The final Rune Gate in Surtr’s realm requires three runes.

You’ll find two of them along the right house and the third can be seen from atop the watchtower.

Chapter 4

Rune Gate 9

In order to reach the runes required to unlock this gate, you first have to repair a bridge by focusing Senua on it. After that, you will find the “X” shaped rune in the main hall near the stairs. The “S” shaped rune and the third rune can be found on the second floor.

Chapter 7 – The Swamp Trial

Rune Gate 10

We’ve skipped chapters 5 and 6, which are the shore and labyrinth trial areas respectively. No Rune Gates exist in these areas. In the swamp area, however, you will encounter one of the more difficult rune gates to unlock.

In order to find the required runes, you must keep moving through a maze of hallways. It’s easy to get lost or turned around and get caught by the unstoppable enemy that chases Senua. If you’re caught you’ll have to try again.

Chapter 8 – The Tower Trial

Rune Gate 11

Senua will traverse different periods of time in order to proceed up the tower in this trial.

Once you’ve switched between the different times in order to open doors and lower bridges, you’ll eventually find yourself inside the tower. You will find the rune you’re looking for by going up the stairs and looking towards the very door you’re trying to unlock. The symbol will be visible in the form of the shape of the light entering the room.

Rune Gate 12

The final Rune Gate in the tower requires you to find three symbols. Once again, Senua will use the various masks to switch between different timelines in order to clear the path up the tower.

The “Up” shaped rune can be found on the ground floor, while the “M” shaped symbol requires you to make your way to the top floor. Looks for a combination of ropes and posts to make out the rune.

The final rune can be found on the balcony on the door that remains closed.

Chapter 10

There are no Rune Gates in chapter 9, though the Blindness Trial is one of the most interesting challenges in Hellblade.

Rune Gate 13

The first of three Rune Gates in this chapter requires three rune symbols to be located. The first symbol can be found by going down the spiral staircase to the right of the Rune Gate. Once Senua has lit all the torches, you can form the symbol from a post sticking out of the water. The second symbol is found by going up the same staircase.

The third is just beyond that where blood forms the shape of the require rune.

Rune Gate 14

This Rune Gate requires only a single rune to be found and your torch will help you light up the room so the symbol becomes visible.

Rune Gate 15

The final Rune Gate of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice requires only one run, but be cautious of your torch! You will have to extinguish it to get to the right place. Light both braziers to form the final shape.

That completes our guide to all the Rune Gate solutions in Hellblade. If you’re having trouble with any of them, keep in mind that the game will attempt to guide you by showing you more and more rune symbols in the area that you should be focusing on. Ensure that you’ve lit all braziers and torches, and consider different angles and elevations. Good luck!

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