Hello Kitty Island Adventure Spooky Update 1.2 – All New Features & Seasonal Content

The Hello Kitty Island Adventure Spooky Update 1.2 adds in some horrific new content to the beloved cozy title.


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As October rolls up, so too does a new update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure. The Spooly Update 1.2 is an early addition to the Apple Arcade exclusive and gives players a lot of new content to work through and collect.

This cozy little title is far from scare-free, thanks to the new update. Now it’s got everything cozy fans can cope with in their games without spilling their pumpkin spice lattes, including ghosts, haunted mansions, and many new house items.

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All New Features & Seasonal Content in Hello Kitty Island Adventure Spooky Update 1.2

Below, we’ve outlined every change and addition to Hello Kitty Island Adventure with Spooky Update 1.2. While we’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible, we’ve also left space for players to discover some of the new content, such as the items, for themselves so as not to spoil too much.

Home Sweet Home

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With this update, players can finally grab and own a Cabin of their very own. Not only that, but they can decorate it as much as they want. This means they have a place for every piece of furniture they’ve ever found, bought, or owned.

Any guests players have on their island will also get a Cabin of their own. This Guest Cabin can be decorated by guests as much as they want, meaning they’ll have somewhere that’s already theirs to return to when playing with their friends.

The best part of this is that friends can watch each other decorate in real-time. However, it could be a blessing and a curse since watching someone create something truly awful with random bits of furniture isn’t fun to watch at any speed.

New Visitors: Baku, Berry & Cherry

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Kuromi gets some company with the Hello Kitty Island Adventure Spooku Update 1.2. Baku has dropped by as a permanent visitor to keep them and players company. Finding him and inviting him home is challenging, though. Players will need to attract him with a spooky enough Cabin.

Berry and Cherry are also joining players with this update. The pair, also known as Lloromannic, are going to be traveling and causing mischief over the course of October. This doesn’t sound good, so players should watch their stuff and hope for the best while out adventuring.

Spooky Celebration

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Between October 1, 2023, to November 6, 2023, players will be able to play trick-or-treat as Sanrio with other characters. This can net them some spooky treats. Those spooky treats are a commodity that can be traded for furniture at the Spooky Event Stand.

All the furniture on offer during the event is limited and may never appear again, so players who want to collect it all should trick-or-treat their hearts out. There’s a reward calendar to complete for those who need a track to work through, so there’s really something for everyone.

The most important rewards players can earn in this event, though, are new outfits. Spooky outfits are on offer, and they are super cute and super time-limited. This is everyone’s chance to get the first limited outfits for the game to show other players they were there from the early days.

The Story Moves Forward…

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As part of the main story of Hello Kitty Island Adventure, Kiki & Lala reveal more of Cloud Island. At the same time, Retsuko is having trouble because they’ve realized Friendship Island is losing its color. Players can team up with friends or go it alone to tackle these mysteries and uncover new truths hidden away in the Hello Kitty lore.