Hitman 3 Holiday Hoarders Silent Assassin guide

Ho ho ho, 47.


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Holiday Hoarders is a Christmas-themed mission set in a revamped version of the Paris location. In it, you are tasked with killing Harry and Marv, two people running around the location stealing presents. You’ll also come across a particular saint if you look hard enough. However, the targets move around into hard-to-reach areas, making them extremely difficult to kill. This guide explains how to take out both targets with a rank of Silent Assassin.


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The loadout for this mission is basic. Pick any suit you fancy, and make sure you bring a coin. Our route requires no other items, but you’re free to bring something slightly more lethal if you want to. The starting location is the first one you’ll get for this mission, so you don’t need to have anything unlocked to follow this route.

Step 1: Take down Marv

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As soon as you start the mission, run into the mansion and follow the path through the crowd to the left. There’s a small door tucked away that leads under the stairs. You need to go through that door and head down the stairs, but stop at the bottom to avoid being seen by an NPC. Below is a map reference for this door.

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Pick up the fire extinguisher at the bottom of the stairs and wait for the NPC to walk past the doorway. Follow them to the right and into the locker room. They’ll then walk out and turn left into a kitchen. You need to move ahead of them down the corridor, and you’ll eventually see your first target.

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Marv won’t see through your disguise, so you can hit him with the fire extinguisher without him realizing what’s going on. However, you take him out, snap his neck and hide his body in the crate in the room with the large wooden door. Now you can go back up to the party by following your route back up the stairs.

Step 2: Get a disguise

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It’s important to pick up a security disguise now, so once you’re back at the party near the small door, turn right and then go through the door to your left. You’ll notice a guard standing at the end of a short corridor on your left with a room on either side of him. Go into the door to his right and flip a coin in the corner of the bathroom. Wait for the guard to investigate the bathroom, then subdue him and take his disguise. You can leave the body here because no one will discover it. See below for a map reference for this bathroom.

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Step 3: Kill Harry

Now that you’ve got a disguise run back to the main entrance hall and go up the huge flight of stairs. Head to the right and open the door that leads to the balcony around the catwalk. Watch out here because there are cameras on multiple corners above these doors, and a pair of security guards that can see through your disguise are patrolling the walkway. Sneak around the camera and head down the corridor to where Harry should be lurking near a Christmas tree.

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Subdue Harry and quietly drag his body to the balcony. This balcony looks over the back of the mansion, so no one will notice when you dump the body over. Even if they do, it’ll count as accidental death, so your Silent Assassin rank will remain intact. All there is for you to do now is find an exit and leave. By finishing the mission, you’ll complete the ‘Tis the Season Feat and unlock the Santa 47 Suit for your collection.