How to unlock the Santa 47 Suit in Hitman 3

Don’t be too generous, 47.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Holiday Hoarders is a seasonal mission added to Hitman 3 as part of its first Winter season. The mission is set in a brand new version of the Paris location from Hitman 2016, the first map in the Hitman reboot trilogy. It’s packed with holiday-themed items and two targets almost all players will be able to recognize immediately. One of the new rewards from the mission is the Santa 47 Suit, a Santa suit that Agent 47 can wear to kill any target in any location. This guide covers how to unlock the Santa 47 Suit for your own collection.

Complete ‘Tis the Season

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlocking the Santa 47 Suit is pretty straightforward. You need to complete the Holiday Hoarders mission once, and the suit will unlock when you exit the mission. To do this, you’ll need to kill the two targets present in the mission and exit successfully. Thankfully, the revamped version of Paris makes this much easier to enjoy, particularly if you’ve never played through it before.

Once the Santa 47 Suit is unlocked, you can use it in any location or Contract in Hitman 3. It should appear under your themed suits category when you plan a mission.