Hitman 3 Year Two August roadmap – The Floral Baller, Elusive Targets, and more

Get into the summer vibe, 47.


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Hitman 3’s Year Two August roadmap is packed with content and changes that make the base game more interesting while twisting some of the formulas players know inside and out to make them more rewarding. This guide outlines everything in the roadmap, so you know what to expect in the game for the next month or so.

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Elusive Target Arcade Update – August 4

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From this month onward, Elusive Target Arcade missions will work slightly differently. They now all include one target from each Hitman game in the Hitman Trilogy, meaning you’ll need to own Hitman 1, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3 to play through the new missions being added to the Elusive Target Aracde. The two new missions added this month give you the chance to earn The Ruby Rude Track Suit. All you’ll need to do is complete one of the new Elusive Target Arcade missions.

Elusive Target: The Procurers (Year Two Edition) – August 5 to 15

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The first Elusive Target for the month is The Procurers, but it’s been updated for Year Two. You’ll have to track the pair of targets in Dartmoor and take them out, preferably without anyone noticing.

Free to Play Colorado – August 11 to 22

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The first free-to-play location this month is Colorado from Hitman 1. This location is the toughest to master from that game and provides dozens of opportunities for sneaky assassinations. You’ll have eleven days to make the most of it during which an Elusive Target will pop by.

Dartmoor Garden Show and The Floral Baller – August 11

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From August 11, all owners of Hitman 3 will be able to take on a new challenge in The Dartmoor Garden Show. This location is a bonus mission for the Dartmoor location that mixes things up and provides many more opportunities for creative kills. Complete the new challenge, and The Floral Baller will be yours forever.

Elusive Target: The Ex-Dictator (Year Two Edition)- August 12 to 22

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The second Elusive Target for the month is The Ex-Dictator, updated for Year Two, of course. This mission tasks you with killing another set of targets without anyone discovering your motives. The location makes this particularly difficult, but it’s nothing you can’t master once you know Bangkok like a silent assassin.

Elusive Target: The Chameleon (Year Two Edition) – August 19 to 29

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The final updated Elusive Target for the month is The Chameleon. This target changes their appearance, so you’ll need to identify them through their habits and kill them without anyone seeing the hand behind the murder.

Featured Contracts: Flower Power – August 25

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The final piece of content for Hitman 3 in August is a set of new Featured Contracts. These are all based on the theme of “flower power.” Expect a lot of missions where you have to do everything as the hippie.