Hitman World of Assassination Elusive Target – The Broker Silent Assassin Suit Only guide

Two eggs in this one, 47.


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The Broker is an Elusive Target in Hitman World of Assassination that requires you to kill a target and take the priceless bejeweled egg they’re after before completing the mission. It takes place in the Paris location, forcing you to move through the various floors and zones without being spotted if you want the highest possible score. This guide shows you how to complete the mission with a Silent Assassin Suit Only rank, so you get a huge glut of experience from it.

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With the transition from Hitman 3 to Hitman World of Assassination, many upgrades and mechanic changes have been made to core missions and concepts across the Hitman reboot trilogy. We’ve tested the following walkthrough to ensure it works in the latest version of Hitman World of Assassination, so you know this guide will get you that Silent Assassin rank.

Elusive Target warning

As with all Elusive Targets, you only get one chance to complete this mission after you start completing objectives. In this case, the objectives are killing your target or picking up the egg. We recommend following the guide a couple of times without completing any objectives to familiarize yourself with it first. Then, when you feel ready and know the choke points, you can take it on and complete those objectives. If you lose your Silent Assassin rank, but Agent 47 is still alive, you can always quit the game and restart it so you can attempt the Elusive Target again. This isn’t recommended, though, because it doesn’t always work.


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Two items are essential to this guide: the ICA Remote Micro Taser and a lockpick. You don’t need a weapon, but you do need to pick a comfortable suit. We went with the Snow Festival Suit because it’s the height of fashion.

Step 1: Prepare your trap

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Head inside from the standard starting location outside the building and go to the terrace bar. You need to find the puddle to the bar’s right and place the ICA Remote Micro Taser on the edge of it. You don’t need to activate it now, but this is a trap that you’ll employ later. See below for a map reference for this puddle.

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Step 2: Get the egg

Now that your trap is ready, run back into the building and pick up the IAGO invitation from the bathroom. This is inside one of the doors to your right as you enter the terrace bar area. See below for a map reference for the invitation.

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Now you can get up to the top floor. Go back out to the terrace bar and make your way around the garden to the door where two guards are standing. You need to show your invitation to get past them, and you’ll need to do the same again at the staircase around the corner once you’re inside. There’s a third checkpoint on the second staircase, but you’ll be frisked here. Make sure you dump your weapon before this point if you bring one because you’ll be caught if you don’t.

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Go through the door on your right at the top of the second staircase. This is a trespassing area, but you just need to vault the railings so you can shimmy to the left and get into the bathroom. See below for a map reference for this ledge.

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Once you’re in the bathroom, turn on the radio to distract a guard, then turn it off and hide by the wardrobe. When the guard comes in, subdue him and hide his body in the wardrobe. Leave his weapon on the floor and turn on the tap to overflow the sink. This will distract the second guard, at which point you need to turn the sink off.

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Hide again and watch as the guard comes in, picks up the weapon, and leaves to go and place it somewhere secure. Now you can enter the room those guards came from. The egg is inside the safe on your right. Use the lockpick to open it and grab the egg. Do this quickly because other NPCs will enter the room at some point.

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Step 3: Kill your target and leave

Return to the terrace bar the way you came and wait outside somewhere that you can see your taser. The target should be waiting around this area by now. If you don’t know what they look like, open the menu, and you’ll be able to see them.

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Wait until the target walks over the puddle and then trigger the ICA Remote Micro Taser. This will electrocute the target and kill them. It doesn’t matter if anyone sees the body because this counts as an accident kill, meaning you won’t ruin your Silent Assassin rating.