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Hogwarts Legacy: Great Hall Door Puzzle Guide

Learn how the animal symbols work to help solve this door puzzle mocking you with a mathmatical mystery from the Great Hall.

Players encounter door puzzles early on in Hogwarts Legacy. Far from normal, they’re surrounded by symbols of creatures, and have more of those same symbols scattered around the general vicinity. To solve them, players need to solve a maths problem, but it’s difficult to work out exactly what the answer is. This guide explains how to solve the door puzzle in the Great Hall, revealing its secrets for any struggling player that just wants to get inside.

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How to Solve the Puzzle Door in the Great Hall

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The Great Hall puzzle door is at the end of a corridor leading off the northeast corner of the Great Hall itself in Hogwarts Legacy. Head east from the Great Hall Floo Flame, then turn left. The “?” and “??” triangles are also in this same corridor.

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To unlock the door, players have to roll the triangles so that they display the creature icon that represents the number that will make the points of the triangles add up to the numbers in the middle of the triangles. The creature icons are numbered 0 to 9, from left to right, so the demiguise is 0 and the snakes are 9. The top triangle reads snakes (9) + 7 + ? = 24. This means the “?” must be 8, which is represented by the spider icon, so roll the “?” triangle until it displays a spider.

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The bottom triangle reads 11 + demiguise (0) + ?? = 14. This means that the “??” must be 3, which is represented by the hydra, so roll the “??” triangle until it displays a hydra. Now the door will open so players can loot the chest inside, one of which contains the Crests Conjuration exploration collectible.

The same logic used to solve the Great Hall door puzzle can be applied to every door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. Once players work out where the triangles are, it’s easy to identify which symbol needs to be displayed so that the door will open. After the first couple of puzzle doors have been solved, finding the solution becomes second nature, and it’s easy to pick out the maths equation that needs solving.

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