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Hogwarts Legacy: Korrow Ruins Merlin Trial Solution

Take a broom or Floo Flame to the Korrow Ruins to solve a fiery Merlin Trial using Confrigo or Incendio in the North Hogwarts Region.

Merlin Trials litter the world around Hogwarts Castle in Hogwarts Legacy. These puzzles are key to upgrading and expanding inventory slots so a player can carry more gear or loot from exploration. Some of these activities are more challenging than others, and this guide explains how to complete one in particular, the Merlin Trial near Korrow Ruins in the North Hogwarts region of the game’s map.

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How to Solve the Merlin Trial Near Korrow Ruins in the North Hogwarts Region

To get to this Merlin Trail, players can use the Korrow Ruins Floo Flame fast travel point, which takes them to a Bandit Camp Castle. To solve the Korrow Ruins Merlin Trial, you need to ignite three braziers quickly enough so that the first one doesn’t go out before you light the third one. You’ll need the Confringo spell to do this and will need to find a vantage point from which you have sight lines to all three braziers. The best place to stand is on the wooden bridge to the west of the Merlin Trial marker. Use Confringo or Incendio to burn away the vines over the doorway of the tower to the west before you start.

The first brazier is on the rocks north of the bridge. It’s too far away to auto-target, so you’ll need to target it manually with L2/LT. If your spell’s not reaching it, move further northeast on the bridge. See below for an image showing this brazier.

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The second brazier is inside the tower to the west of the bridge. See below for an image indicating where you can find this brazier.

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The third brazier is on the right-hand side of the river to the south of the bridge. The image below shows where this third brazier is located relative to the player’s position from the second.

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Hit all three braziers in quick succession to complete the Merlin Trial and get another one ticked off from the roughly 100 available in Hogwarts Legacy. Each one brings players closer to expanding their inventory. There are regular intervals with Merlin Trial completions that add new slots to provide a decent sense of progression and help players feel like they’re earning something from all of these puzzles.

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