How to get and use Rowland’s map in Hogwarts Legacy

The arrow and “X” drawn on Rowland’s map in Hogwarts Legacy reveal the location where he is being held prisoner.

Rowland Map Drawing in Hogwarts Legacy

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During the “The Tale of Rowland Oakes” side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, fellow student Adelaide requests that you find her uncle Rowland, who has gone missing after accepting work from a crew of Loyalists. Adelaide can be encountered in the Transfiguration Courtyard of Hogwarts, where she will tell you how Rowland’s usual messenger owls have not reached her in some time. As a result, she has begun to fret over her uncle’s safety. Thus, it is up to you to discover Rowland’s whereabouts by locating his belongings, such as his map and journal, at a Goblin-run camp in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Where to Find Rowland’s Map in Hogwarts Legacy

Finding Rowland Map the East North Hogwarts Region Small Bandit Camp Map Location in Hogwarts Legacy
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The quest marker for “The Tale of Rowland Oakes” in Hogwarts Legacy will lead you to a Small Bandit Camp, where you will find a map revealing his current location. This camp does not have a Floo Flame, so you must head to the nearest fast-travel point at East North Hogwarts Region. After making your way to the quest’s destination, you will need to deal with several Loyalist Warriors and Assassins before you can safely investigate the campsite. Once the area has been cleared, check the western side of the camp to find Rowland Oake’s journal on the ground and his hand-drawn map atop a stack of crates in Hogwarts Legacy.

Rowland’s map in Hogwarts Legacy will depict a detailed yet crude illustration of the campsite you are currently at and an arrow pointing southwest toward the gate of a ruin. If you open your map and look for a POI southwest from your position, you will find your target destination, the Korrow Ruins. This location is heavily guarded by Goblins and Trolls, but you can easily enter the ruin’s underground passageway by rushing past all enemies without engaging in combat. 

Finding Rowland Prison Cell in Hogwarts Legacy
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Once inside the location shown on Rowland’s map in Hogwarts Legacy, you must make your way past more hostile Loyalists to reach the locked prison cell holding Adelaide’s uncle. Luckily, he knows how to magically undo the lock’s mechanisms but requires his unique Wand to do so. You can find his Wand by backtracking to the main chamber and unlocking the gate to the boiler room. The mechanism for the gate’s lock can be accessed via the stairwell pathway left of the door. 

Inside the vault-like boiler room, you will encounter elite enemy Pergit and his squad of unwelcoming Loyalists in Hogwarts Legacy. For those focused on only completing “The Tale of Rowland Oakes,” casting Disillusionment and sneaking into the break room to get the Wand will allow you to quickly return to Uncle Rowland without unnecessary confrontation. After freeing Adelaide’s uncle, you will receive your reward and in-game notification of the quest’s completion. 

Finding Rowland Oakes Wand in Hogwarts Legacy
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