Honkai: Star Rail — How to Complete Fleeting Lights

Enter a hall of forgotten memories.

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There are a ton of Adventure Quests available in Honkai: Star Rail and many of them unlock as you progress through Trailblaze Levels. Fleeting Lights is one such quest, and it’s keyed to the Forgotten Hall activity, providing another way to farm for specific materials, take on combat challenges, and earn other rewards. Completing Fleeting Lights can be more challenging than most quests you’ve faced to this point, especially if you’re under-leveled. Here’s how to do it.

What it Takes to Complete Fleeting Lights in Honkai: Star Rail

When you reach Trailblaze Level 21, you’ll receive a message from Pom-Pom on the Astral Express. Visit them and interact with the mirror that’s appeared on the Express. A Messenger will pop out and explain the Forgotten Hall to you. To complete Fleeting Lights, you must conquer Memory Stage 1.

Memory Stage 1 of the Forgten Hall pits you against two waves of level 32 enemies. The first wave consists of:

  • One Voidranger: Distorter
  • Two Voidranger: Reavers
  • One Voidranger: Distorter
  • One Antibaryon

The second wave consists of:

  • Two Voidranger: Reavers
  • Two Baryons
  • One Voidranger: Trampler

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The focus of the first wave should be the Distorter, as it can cause the other enemies to focus on a single character for damage, quickly downing them. Bring healers or the ability to create shields, and if you have the 5-star character Clara, you can use her Ultimate to make enemies attack her to activate a counterattack.

The second wave is a bit different. Defeating the other enemies is almost as important as Breaking the Trampler because their lesser damage output combined with the Trampler’s abilities make this fight much harder. If the big guy is the only focus, it’s a much more manageable encounter.

Once both waves are defeated, the Messenger will congratulate you and ask to keep the other party members in the dark. Whether you do so is your choice, though access to the Forgotten Hall is available either way. After speaking to the Messenger one final time, Fleeting Lights will complete, notching up one more win for your time in Honkai: Star Rail.