Hotzone game mode in Splitgate explained

Coming in hot.

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For a multiplayer-focused game to succeed, it needs to have a fun gameplay loop that brings people back for more; it needs a wealth of content that makes the experience feel different each time. Players that feel like they are constantly playing the same thing will get burnt out eventually. To that end, the second beta season of Splitgate added new modes in a large update to further improve its replay value. Here is an explanation of what to expect with the new mode, Hotzone.

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Hotzone mode explained in Splitgate

What is Hotzone?

Hotzone is a team mode that is essentially a modification of most King of the Hill matches you will come across in other shooter games. There will be one zone that appears on the map, and both teams need to fight over controlling it. However, when you control the zone, you will not earn a point for 30 seconds. Not only do you need to fight to gain control of the area, but you also need to defend it properly long enough without the opposition taking over.

How to win a Hotzone match

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Winning a Hotzone match will require you to work with your team to make sure you are winning team fights. Running into the zone and trying to take on the other team by yourself will often be met with failure, so be sure to link up with your teammates and get a good attack going. When you have control of the zone, be sure to watch out on all angles for the other team coming in. Place your portals to give yourself more sightlines to shoot through, and don’t be afraid to hop off the zone for a second to give yourself better positioning.