How Adjutants work in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Work together on the battlefield using Adjutants in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

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You can team up in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes by making a character an Adjutant to another. It’s an excellent way to protect a character that is running low on health or is especially weak to a particular unit that has appeared in battle. We recommend using this if you’re about to lose a unit and you’re playing on the Classic difficulty. This guide covers what you need to know about how Adjutants work in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How to make a character an Adjutant

You can make any character an Adjutant by approaching them in combat and pressing the L and Y buttons. This will cause the character you are not using to disappear. They will be removed from the fight, but they boost the active character’s stats based on the class of the character you assigned as the Adjutant. Should these two characters have a support level of C or above, the active character will have access to the Adjutant’s support and tactical abilities, further enhancing them.

All experience the active character receives, the Adjutant also receives it, preventing them from going down in a fight, but they can still level up.

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The active character with an Adjutant also receives the Adjutant Follow-Up, Adjutant Guard, and the Partner Specials. The Adjutant Follow-Up ability will slowly increase throughout a battle. When it’s full, the assigned Adjutant will attack an enemy your active character sends flying by sending them back to them, breaking an enemy guard, or stuns the enemy. The Adjutant Guard ability is also slowly building up during a battle. When it becomes full, the assigned Adjutant will guard against an active character, preventing them from taking damage.

You won’t always use this action for every battle, but it’s a good idea to watch the health of every unit under your command and pull them back if it becomes dangerously low. Adjutants will be exceptionally useful on more complex difficulties in Three Hopes.