How Badge Progress trackers work in Apex Legends

Know exactly how close you are to that coveted banner badge.

Badge Progress tracker

Whether players admit it or not, decorating your Legend banners is a big part of Apex Legends and a major part of what drives players to succeed. Even the humblest of Apex Legends players like to show off a little through their skins, frames, and most of all, trackers and badges.

While banner Trackers show you your stats every step of the way, your progress on your Badges has always left players a little in the dark. You would know which goals you were between, but never how close you were to the next one.

This changes with the Chaos Theory Collection Event update via the introduction of Badge progress trackers. It should be noted that Trackers are not available for every type of banner Badge, as some of them have to be done in a single move or match. The progress trackers are for counts you can accumulate over time, such as wins with a character (i.e., Lifeline Badge, Mirage badge, etc.) or a number of 5 kill games with a character (Assassin Badge).

You will have to hover over the Badge to see the progress tracker, and it will be shown at the bottom of the blurb under a new category called Next Tier Progress. It will show how close you are to the next tier by displaying a fraction showing your count versus the count needed for the new Badge or Badge tier.

Gone are the days of keeping track of your progress on paper, in a document, or even in your head. The game will track it for you automatically from March 9 onward.