Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection event brings new Takeovers, skins, Rewards Track

This was an inevitable outcome.

Chaos Theory Collection Event

It’s official, the Chaos Theory Collection Event is coming to Apex Legends. Previously internally called the Warlord event, the Chaos Theory event has been highly anticipated by players following leaks and datamining. The announcement finally dropped through the Chaos Theory Collection Event trailer on the official Apex Legends YouTube channel today.

The Chaos Theory Collection Event begins on Tuesday, March 9, exactly one month after the start of the prior Collection Event. Most importantly, the game will be launching on Nintendo Switch for this event, but there are many other things that this event brings to the game as well. Chaos Theory launches on March 9 and runs until March 23.

Today’s trailer showed off the newest (and creepiest) Town Takeover yet, a merciless Caustic and a horrified Wattson.

Alongside the Caustic Town Takeover on Kings Canyon “Caustic Treatment” (replaces Water Treatment), the update brings the brand-new Ring Fury Escalation Takeover with new the never-before-seen Heat Shield item, and a new Rewards Track with weapon charms, weapon skins, a Legend skin, and more.

Like all collection events, Chaos Theory comes with a full 24-piece premium cosmetic collection, including new skins, like those pictured on the Battle Pass Holo-Sprays. If you buy the entire collection, you will also have the chance to unlock Bangalore’s Heirloom. And for those joining as part of the Nintendo Switch release, there’s an exclusive Pathfinder skin to pick up.