How Ballplayer Archetypes work and how to upgrade them in MLB The Show 22

What kind of player are you?

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When creating your ballplayer in MLB The Show 22, you have complete control over the direction of your career. A large portion of their success will revolve around their playstyle and how they adapt and progress at their game. That is where player Archetypes come in. Here is how Ballplayer Archetypes work and how to upgrade them in MLB The Show 22.

What are Ballplayer Archetypes?

Ballplayer Archetypes are where your player excels in the game. For example, if you have a slugger, they have the Power archetype and typically hit many home runs with a lower batting average. This choice is made when you first create your ballplayer, so choose how you want to play. While you can put them at any position, the game will let you know where that kind of player traditionally succeeds.

While there is one main archetype, you can also have perks equipped for them. First, you need to look at your loadout. Start by clicking the icon in the top left corner of the screen on the main menu, and then click Loadout. The larger diamond will be your main archetype, and you can change this at the beginning to focus on focused attributes like power, speed, or fielding. The two smaller diamonds are for smaller boosts in other areas. Need a boost in your contact rate? Choose the perk here to get it.

How to upgrade Archetypes and get new perks?

To upgrade your Archetypes, first equip them on your loadout, then press Y on Switch, Square on PlayStation, or X on Xbox to open up that item’s program. You can only access this with an online connection.

Upgrading your Archetype will involve completing Road to the Show or Diamond Dynasty missions. These criteria include playing innings, getting extra-base hits, and things like that. You will earn rewards like stubs, equipment, or perks as you complete them. You can also buy perks from the Community Marketplace. For stubs.

As you progress down the path, you will eventually get to the next rarity of that Archetype. Unlock it by completing missions, and you can then equip it to your player in the loadout.