How be a team captain in Pokémon Café Mix

Create a team and go for the win.

Team time

Now that Pokémon Café Mix isn’t just a single-player affair, and teams are smashing onto the scene, it’s a good idea to figure out where to begin if you want to start a team of your own. Here is how to be a good team captain in Pokémon Café Mix.

How to start a team

Team Icon

Now that the team update is live, there is a new icon on the main screen. To the left of the main menu journal, there is now a team icon. You can click this to either find a team to join or create your own. If you want to be the captain, you will create new.

Creating a team will automatically assign you the captaincy of it, but it is not free. Starting a team will cost you 300 golden acorns. But don’t worry, if your team reaches 20 players, you will get 10,000 golden acorns back in the promo event, and only need one new member to break even.

How to name your team and recruit members

Recruiting stuff

What you name your team is important because while you may end up on the main page, chances are people will find your team by search keywords or phrases.

Your team can be up to 10 characters long and might be something like “Ditto Fans,” “Hardcore,” or “Food lovers.” So, you can find likeminded people to join your team.

You can also set requirements and options for your team:

  • Member Requirement. You can select here how many levels a player must have beaten to be on your team. Choose a high number if you want stronger players.
  • Public/Private. Choose whether or not your team will show up in the search. Unless you are giving you your team ID online, you will want to be public to find other members.
  • Require Approval. This changes whether players can join with a join button or request to join with a request button that only you can approve as team captain.
  • Playstyle phrases. Choose 3 phrases that express the type of team you are. From ‘everyone is welcome’ to ‘go all out!’

How to step down as captain

If you decide you no longer want to be the team captain, you can assign it to someone else in the group, though it’s best to give it to someone you have contact with outside of the game as there is currently no team chat in the game.