How co-op works in The Ascent

Play with friends.

The Ascent will pit you against all manner of enemies in isometric RPG action, and if you are struggling to deal with the pressure you can always hook up with some friends. Cooperative play is indeed a feature in the Ascent, and you can play with up to four of your friends at once.

There are a number of ways to being a co-op session in The Ascent. You can do it from the main menu by selecting the Online Coop or Couch Coop option. Click Online to play over the internet with friends, or hit Couch if you have a friend over and want to play that way.

After selecting Online, you can either Host a Saved Game or Host a New Game. Hosting a saved game is the option to pick if you already have a run started with your friend, otherwise, you want to select the New Game option, as it will start a new playthrough for you.

You can set the game to Invite Only, then send your friends invites through the friends list on your PC or Xbox. If you wish, you can leave it Open, and then random players will also be able to join the game if you are missing a player.