How combos work and how to increase it in Exit the Gungeon

Your combo provides you with a better chance of getting the best guns in the game.

For those who want to progress through Exit the Gungeon with increased firepower, you need to focus on improving the total of your combo. The combo, located at the top right of your screen, determines the strength of the random gun your character wields, and what it turns into because it’s consistently changing while you’re playing. Monitoring your combo level is essential.

To keep your combo from falling, you need to dodge bullets. When a bullet hits you, your score immediately goes back down to one, lowering the firepower your character can potentially wield during the game. So, dodging to the left, right, up, and down, is important to master. You don’t want to remain in a single location for too long with bullets going everywhere. It also means that you want to reserve your blank ability, the one that lets you push all bullets away from you, for boss battles. A boss battle has the highest likelihood of having a hit land on you, but these fights are also a good thing.

For those interested in raising their score during their Exit the Gungeon run, it’s all about landing hits on as many enemies on screen as possible. While you zip around, dodging left and right to keep the score from falling, you need to raise that score by hitting them with whatever gun you have equipped. Your score does not only increase when you land kills. Your combo score grows every time you hit an opponent, making boss battles a great way to raise your combo consistently, granted you can avoid the bullets.

There’s a lot of random chance when it comes to receiving a gun during your Exit the Gungeon run. But the higher combo score you have when your gun changes, the more powerful it’s going to be, allowing you to increase it even more and face off against tough opponents.