How to craft Lashing in Stranded Deep

Learn how to make lashing.

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While you will be grabbing all kinds of items in Stranded Deep to help you survive and build things, nothing in the game will be used quite as much as a Lashing. These bundles of rope are used on so many crafting items that it makes them and their base form, Fibrous Leaves, some of the most important items in the game. Luckily, it is pretty easy to create Lashings. Here is how to do it.

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How to get Lashing in Stranded Deep

While there is always a chance that you can find Lashing already made for you in various Crates and other storage areas, you do not want to rely on that to get you by. Instead, the most straightforward way to get Lashing is to craft it yourself with four Fibrous Leaves. These green stems will appear on every island. You can find a bunch in Yuccas or one at a time in Young Palm Trees. To knock them out, you need to have at least a Stone Tool, which you make from a Rock.

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Luckily, unlike some other important items, these two sources will regrow after two days of in-game time, so you can continually get more. Also, Yucca Fruit can be planted in a farm plot to grow more Yuccas to give you even more Fibrous Leaves.

After you have acquired four Fibrous Leaves, bring up your crafting menu and select Lashing under the tools section. This will instantly put the item in your inventory. Now that you have it, you can use it on another crafting item. While it is just rope, you can’t manually tie it around anything. Instead, you can create a Refined Knife, which will be your first upgraded tool that will very much come in handy as you gather food and other resources. As stated above, this is the item that is used in most crafting recipes, so get as many as you can.