How to get Palm Fronds in Stranded Deep

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Every island in Stranded Deep is heavily covered in vegetation when you first arrive there. Of course, as you spend time there and use up those resources, you will be forced to look to other areas. However, with plant life so abundant, does any of it respawn? In the case of Palm Fronds, this is an essential resource so you can continually make water at a Water Still. Here is how to get more Palm Fronds in Stranded Deep.

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Where to get more Palm Fronds in Stranded Deep

To get Palm Fronds on your island in Stranded Deep, you need to cut down a Palm Tree with a Refined Knife or better tool and then hack away at the Palm Bunch at the top of the tree until the Palm Fronds spread out on the ground. You can then pick up each Frond and have them in your inventory in stacks of four. When going to cut down the tree, be sure that there isn’t a rock wall or something preventing you from getting it on the other side. The tree will always fall straight down in front of where you are looking and can sometimes fall into walls, preventing you from getting the resources from them.

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What about when you begin running out of Palm Trees, though? Unfortunately, Palm Trees do not respawn or regrow in Stranded Deep. There are little plants you can find called Young Palms that reappear after every two days, but they never grow beyond that point when you see them. You might as well cut them down right away and get the Fibrous Leaves from them.

With the above in mind, when you begin running low on Palm Trees, you need to cut more down on other islands to replenish your Palm Frond stock. If you have established a home base that you want to keep coming back to, you can pick up the Palm Bunch item before you split them into Fronds and put them in your inventory so you can retrieve a lot more and bring them back with you.

It is also important to note that while it appears Palm Fronds are the only item you can use in the Water Still, Fibrous Leaves can be used as a substitute to get you more water.