How dance battles work in Ooblets

It’s a dance off!

Ooblets features a different type of battle system than what you’d expect from a monster collection game. While the Ooblets do fight each other, it’s in the form of dance battles. Your team of Ooblets will need to battle their opponents to win the match and crown themselves as the better dancer.

You start each dance battle with an array of cards to use against your opponent. Each turn you draw a new card to can potentially use. There will be a select set of basic moves your Ooblet can do that you can always use during a fight, and an Ooblet has access to a unique move it can perform.

All of the cards require beats for you to use them. You start the fight with three beats and four cards in your hand. To win a dance battle, you need to reach a certain amount of points, which you can do by playing cards to do dance moves against your opponent. On the left side, at the top, you can see how many points you need to reach to win the dance battle. The bar below shows how many points your team currently has. You need to reach the top total before your opponent does, and you can see their score on the right side of your screen.

After the battle is over, you can gain the seed of the Ooblet you were battling. You want to plant this seed in your farm to grow it into a new Ooblet you can use on your team.