How do on reveal abilities work in Marvel Snap? Answered

On Reveal abilities give you an immediate edge.

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Most characters in Marvel Snap have a unique special ability that makes them stand out from one another. Hero-specific talents in the game can also be classified into a number of different ability categories depending on how it’s activated such as Ongoing, Destroy, Discard, and On Reveal. To make understanding the game a little easier, we’ll be showing you how On Reveal abilities work.

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What does on reveal do in Marvel Snap?

On Reveal abilities are activated immediately once a character is put into play. A specific example of this is the Medusa card, which is one of the earliest characters players get when starting out in Marvel Snap.

Medusa starts out with only a power level of 2 but her On Reveal ability gives her an additional +2 power when placed in the middle location. If she is a part of your deck, you’ll almost always want to place her in the central area of the playing field in order to maximize her abilities.

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A group of heroes with similar On Reveal abilities are the Guardians of the Galaxy. Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Groot, and Gamora all have nearly identical skills wherein if the opponent plays a card in the same location that one of them is played in, the Guardians gain a certain amount of power. Gamora is the strongest out of the group and has the highest power gain at +5. She is then followed by Drax with +4 power, Star-Lord and Groot with +3, and, finally, Rocket with +2.

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Another particularly popular On Reveal hero is Odin, as his skill allows your other characters to reactivate their On Reveal abilities again. If you’re looking to create a deck focused on these types of characters, Odin is always a recommendable inclusion so you can get the most out of your cards.