How do Quizlet codes work? How to use codes

How to use Quizlet codes to compete with your friends and learn.

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Quizlet has been a great way to help students learn material and gain a flexible study tool. Teachers are also able to use Quizlet to help their classes learn and increase classroom engagement. One such tool is Quizlet Live, which has students collaborating and competing to reinforce the material they learned in class.

Quizlet Live has codes that allow students to access the lessons that their teacher has made for them. But if you aren’t sure about using the codes or know how to use them, it can present an obstacle when students can’t join. This is how the Quizlet codes work and how you can use them to organize your lessons.

How do I get a Quizlet code?

When you design a Quizlet Live lesson as a teacher, you will get a Quizlet Live code after choosing your study set and designing the lesson. The code will be a combination of six letters/numbers, and there will also be a QR code for students to scan if they are unable to input the code.

Only users with a teacher-level account can create Quizlet Live lessons and get a code. Regular students or basic users will not be able to get a Quizlet code.

The code will not exist until the Quizlet Live lesson has been created, and it must currently be running. Students will not be able to join a Quizlet Live lesson with a code if the said lesson is inactive or has been deleted. It is also important to make sure that you have the correct Quizlet code/QR code, or you can accidentally join another Quizlet Live session that is unrelated to your current lesson.

How to use the Quizlet Live codes effectively

As an educator with a teacher-level account, you can create lessons for students who are at different levels of their study. With multiple lessons, students are able to participate in lessons geared towards their skill level, while other students who might be farther ahead can challenge themselves.

It’s also possible to bundle everyone together in a lesson and divide them into teams with a tournament structure, having groups collaborate to win and progress further up a ranking. While the goal should still be focused on education, giving students a motivation to excel will help draw more interest for your Quizlet Live lessons.

It shouldn’t take too long to troubleshoot the codes and test them out for yourself. Once you have your Quizlet Live lesson set up, send the codes out to students (along with the QR code) and get ready to start the lesson.