How do Stuns work in New World?

All of the effects and details about stuns in New World.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are several effects that you can use against an enemy in New World. A Stun is extremely good at keeping them in place and preventing them from attacking you during combat. It’s essential in PvP to interrupt attacks and avoid someone else from using an ability against you. So how do the Stuns work in New World, and what’s everything you need to know about them?

When the Stun lands on an enemy, they’ll be dazed, unable to move or react to anything. Unfortunately, the Stun does have to land on an opponent, crippling them.

The real key to understanding Stuns in New World is that the target cannot exit the Stun until the duration of the effect is over or the opponent is damaged. When an opponent is damaged, they are released from the effects and can freely move around traditionally.

For those who want to take full advantage of a Stun, we recommend aiming for the healer or tank of a PvP party. Once they’re stunned, you need to rotate around them and attack the weaker enemies, giving you plenty of time to fight against them. You can also couple a Stun with other abilities, such as the spear’s Sweep, taking full advantage of someone who cannot retaliate or dodge. These are great to couple alongside the Great Ax and War Hammer.