How do the greater scorpions work and what are their respawn times in Smite Season 8?

There’s a new danger in the jungle.

Image via Hi-Rez

There are two new large jungle camps you need to be aware of in Smite’s Season 8 conquest map, the greater scorpions. These enemies appear on the gold fury and fire giant camps starting at five minutes into the game. If you want the larger, better gold fury and fire giant objectives to appear, you need to eliminate these two. But they serve a larger role in the jungle, and taking advantage of them is important.

How do the greater scorpions work?

You’ll first see the greater scorpions spawn into the map starting at five minutes. There’s one on the right and left side of the map, standing where the gold fury and fire giant spawn. The larger objective at these locations will not appear until the scorpions are taken down, so if you want to see a gold fury spawn early, prioritize taking out the scorpion. The same goes for the fire giant, but that happens at 10 minutes.

After the greater scorpion falls for your team, it will boost that side’s jungle camps. If the greater scorpion on the gold fury side falls, you’ll receive buffs for the void (purple) and damage (red) camps. The void camp receives an attack speed bonus of 25%, and the damage buff receives 7% more physical or magical lifesteal. If the greater scorpion falls on the fire giant side, the mana (blue) and speed (yellow) camps receive a buff. The mana camp increases cooldown reduction and maximum mana by 10%, and the speed camp receives crowd control reduction.

Where does the greater scorpion respawn and what is the respawn timer?

Once you’ve taken down the greater scorpion, it respawns on the enemy’s jungle side. These locations are deeper in the enemy jungle, giving them a chance to take it down. But if they do, the greater scorpion’s next respawn will be in your jungle. However, if you continue to take it down before the enemy team, it will consistently spawn in their jungle.

The greater scorpions respawn 180 seconds after they are taken down. You’ll want to prioritize these camps when navigating in the jungle to receive a greater boost from any camp you take down on that quadrant of the map.