How Does Co-Op Work in Darksiders: Genesis?


Darksiders: Genesis features the Horsemen War and Strife teaming up to take on the demon king Lucifer. These two Nepheim brothers have to work side by side, and that means you may need a friend to help you out. Luckily, you can play with a friend in Darksiders: Genesis.

You have several different options available to you. A straightforward way to play coop in Darksiders: Genesis is to have you and your friend buy the game, and then sync up together online. You can join a party and make your way through the game’s campaign, solving puzzles and crushing demons.

The alternative is to share a single screen and play locally. On Darksider: Genesis’ Steam page, it does list out you can share a screen to play the game with a friend from the same computer. The screen will split up, granting both players the option to roam around without staying attached to the same location or having to keep War and Strife near one another. You and your friend can divide and conquer.

A feature available on the Steam version of Darksider: Genesis is the ability to use Remote Play. To do this, you need to have purchased the game, but your friend doesn’t. All you need to do is load up the game, bring up your Friend’s list, and then send them an invite. It works similarly to if they were playing with you online where you stream the game to their desktop.

During missions you can approach purple crystal summoning spires to start a split screen game. You need to have two controllers in your computer, and when it’s ready your friend needs to click the “A” button to jump in with you.

You have several options available to play with a friend in Darksiders: Genesis to turn the Diablo-like action-adventure into a memorable experience with your favorite gaming partners.

Darksiders: Genesis is first available to PC players, and then releases to consoles on Feb. 14, 2020.