How does progression work in Star Wars: Squadrons?

Earn rewards for your hard work.

Image via Motive Studios

Star Wars: Squadrons places you in the cockpit of your favorite iconic starfighter from the Star Wars universe. You can choose to play on the side of the New Republic or the Galactic Empire in various dogfights, seeing who is the better pilot. The more you play, the more experience you earn to unlock additional skills and cosmetics. What does the progression of the game look like?

Developer Motive Studios is pushing extremely hard for players to understand that everything they do focuses on playing it. The team wants to avoid using microtransactions and instead reward players for consistently playing the game, and to that, after each match, players earn experience points to level your profile. When you complete challenges, you earn Glory. Glory is the currency players will earn to unlock the various cosmetics available to them.

The available challenges are consistently rotating, and you have to complete them in a limited timeframe. The objectives of the challenges usually are rather simple, such as destroying enemy ships as a particular starfighter or completing matches of a specific game mode. These won’t be daunting objectives and will be a simple way for players to unlock various cosmetics for their vessels.

Beyond Glory, the experience points level up a player’s profile. For the first 40 levels of the game, players receive Requisition points to unlock components to place inside their starships. However, at level 40, all of the components will unlock, giving you a wide array of options to pick from. You can regularly rotate out depending on your playstyle and your teammates. You can level up past 40, and each level after that rewards you with Glory.

Every pilot will first want to reach level 40, and then after that, they want to focus on their Competitive Rank. The Competitive Rank is tied to the current Operation, which is an eight-week-long campaign available to everyone and resets by the end. Each Operation contains various challenges and timely challenges that reward you exclusive cosmetics when you complete them.

Overall, the more you play Star Wars: Squadrons, the more unlocks you have tied to your account. There are no microtransactions tied to the components, ensuring every pilot can access the same tools as the other pilots they fly against.