How does Role Queue work in Overwatch 2? Answered

What do you want to play?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With such a wide cast of personalities available on Overwatch 2’s hero roster, it is likely that you would not want to restrict yourself from accessing them at any time. However, to keep games balanced and fun or to make sure you can play a certain class, you will want to get into a Role Queue search when matchmaking. Here is what you need to know about Role Queue in Overwatch 2.

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What is Role Queue in Overwatch 2?

Role Queue in Overwatch 2 is a form of matchmaking that ensures you will be able to play a certain class when you find a game. These games maintain the standard one Tank, two Damage, and two Support players per team format. When you set to search for each class, you are saying that is the role you want to play in the upcoming game. When you get in the match, you will only be able to select heroes from that class.

Role Queue is a way to ensure you are getting the class you want to play, but it can come at a cost of having to wait a little longer while matchmaking. For example, traditionally, a lot more people want to play Damage than they do Support. Because of this, queue times are likely going to be longer for the DPS Role Queue than for healing. If you just want to access a game as quickly as possible and don’t care what role you get, you can join the Flex search which will put you in the first available spot on any team. Playing Flex games will earn you tickets you can spend to give yourself priority when you want a specific role with a long queue time.

Role Queue is a way to keep Overwatch 2 more balanced from a team composition standpoint. Players won’t be able to select multiple Tanks and you won’t have teams that have no Supports at all. It’s a good system to tailor the experience to allow players to play what they want while also keeping the game competitive.