How does the black hole dial work in Hellpoint?

Time is a fickle thing.

During your time with Hellpoint you may notice a small dial slowly spinning in the upper left portion of your screen next to your health, energy, and stamina. There’s not too much information about what this is, but it is called a black hole dial. The black hole dial is continually moving as you play the game, and what it does is modify the enemies and bosses you can encounter. 

What the black hole dial does

When you die and respawn in Hellpoint, all of the enemies return, and you start back at a breach. However, depending on the yellow circle’s location on the black hole dial, you can encounter different enemies along that route. Enemy positions and types change as the yellow ring slowly goes around the dial. It keeps things exciting and fresh while you play Hellpoint, discouraging players from memorizing every little detail of the game and remaining on their toes as the yellow circle moves. The same goes for bosses. Some bosses might only appear when the yellow circle is at a particular point.

Enemies also respawn over time, indicated by the black hole dial. It won’t tell you they have returned, but the slow movement of it shows things are changing around you during your time with Hellpoint. Don’t be surprised if you return to a recently cleared area, and finding it full of enemies again, old and new ones.