How does the Infamy system work in Skull and Bones? Answered

Become a renowned pirate.

Image via Ubisoft

Increasing your infamy in Skull and Bones is important if you want to become a renowned pirate. Without a legendary reputation, no one will know who you are, preventing you from striking fear into them before you board their ship, plundering their riches for yourself. The infamy system in the game will be how you acquire more assets, expanding yourself from the starting point. Here’s what you need to know about how the infamy system works in Skull and Bones.

How infamy works and what it does

Your infamy as a pirate in Skull and Bones comes from the successful jobs and accomplishments you’ve performed with your crew. This will be the significant progression system in the game, giving a distinct display of how you’re performing as an infamous pirate. In turn, by having higher infamy as a pirate, more individuals will want to recruit and offer you larger, more dangerous jobs for you to accept, which come with increased payouts.

The best way to do this is through contracts, which come with a variety of rewards, but there are costs to failing a mission you may want to consider. Outside of the contracts, your infamy can grow by exploring the game, plundering locations, treasure hunting, completing investigations, and more dynamic activities while out sailing.

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Everything in Skull and Bones can be done solo, which means you can focus on playing the game yourself alongside your pirate crew when increasing your infamy. However, you do have a chance to dive into the game with your friends and increase your infamy together. The larger obstacles in the game will be pirate hunters, treasure ships, and forts for you to conquer, which can be done by yourself. However, these can be completed in co-op, and in most instances, they will be easier if you bring a friend and their crew with you.

Your infamy will grow by undertaking tougher jobs and completing noteworthy accomplishments in Skull and Bones. You will do this with nearly every activity in the game, and more opportunities will open up as this grows. It can take time, and harder jobs will reward you with the best rewards.