How does the leaderboard work in MultiVersus? Answered

Climb MultiVersus’s leaderboards by winning, and leave the rest to the developers.

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MultiVersus encourages its players to play each match competitively with the inclusion of online leaderboards. The top 30 players in both one-on-one and team matches are displayed prominently for all players to see, with all other players ranked numerically according to the quality of their in-game performance. While players may be able to see where they rank on a global stage, many have no idea how this rank is calculated. Let’s take a look at how the leaderboard works in MultiVersus.

How leaderboard rank is calculated in MultiVersus

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Player First Games has been particularly tight-lipped when it comes to how MultiVersus’ online matchmaking rank, colloquially known as MMR, is calculated. While the actively rising and falling rank number is displayed for you and your friends, how it is that individual statistics all contribute to this number is left unclear. For comparison’s sake, your statistics for match wins, opponent ringouts, and total damage dealt are all displayed in the career stats tab that displays when clicking on your own profile picture.

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This is likely intentional, as clearly defined rank qualifications would make it easier for bad actors to find loopholes in MMR calculation to force their way up the leaderboards. For example, if rankings were disproportionately weighted toward damage dealt, rank-minded players would play fewer characters with low-percentage ringout potential, playing more to raise numbers than to win matches. This would skew the main goal of the competitive scene away from winning and toward padding one’s own stats.

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