How does the new Teamfight Tactics Draconic trait work?

The new trait takes up bench space, but offers a big payoff.

Draconic Dragon Dragonsoul Teamfight Tactics TfT Shyvana

Image via Riot Games

Next season, Teamfight Tactics will shake up its meta with several mechanical changes, champion tweaks, and new traits. One of those new traits is Draconic: a brand new and rather unique origin trait that takes patience to use effectively.

The Draconic trait has nothing in common with previous similarly named traits like Dragon and Dragonsoul. Instead of providing passive buffs to your champions, Draconic introduces a brand new mechanic. After each round playing with the Draconic trait active, a dragon egg is spawned on your bench. After a few more rounds, these eggs hatch, spawning either a Draconic champion or “something else” – we don’t know yet what that something may be.

There are two major takeaways we can make about the new trait at this stage. Draconic is a trait that takes both time and bench space to work. It’s a trait with a slow setup that will reward players with a major payoff, but only if they are patient enough to see it through. We can see Draconic being a good trait to invest in when you have already committed to a losing streak.

It’s also a safe bet that Draconic will be something you build around, rather than something you can just attach to any composition, like Syphoner. This is because the eggs created by the trait will spawn more Draconic champions, ensuring that you get 3-star Draconic champions on the board eventually.

Draconic champions

While we don’t know which Teamfight Tactics champions will get the Draconic trait, it’s a safe bet Shyvana and Aurelion Sol will have it, from a lore perspective anyway. However, Riot has given dragon-themed traits to unexpected champions like Tristana in the past, so we can’t be sure just yet who else might get the Draconic trait.

The new Teamfight Tactics season, Reckoning, starts on April 28 with patch 11.9. We will update this guide with new information as the Draconic trait becomes available in the game.