How does the Office work in Ensemble Stars Music? Answered

The Office but with idols.

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If you need a break from the rhythm games in Ensemble Stars Music, the game does offer a smaller game mode called Office. The Office is a much more laid-back mode where players can hang out but still earn rewards and make progress in the game.

Explaining the Office in Ensemble Stars Music

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In the Office serves multiple purposes. For one, you can decorate your Office with furniture and other decor with L$ that you’ve earned from Lives or Work. There’s also the Liking Coins Shop where you can use Liking Coins to purchase exclusive items that you can’t get from the furniture shop. Liking Coins can be gotten by visiting other players’ Officers and leaves likes. You’ll also receive coins if other players leave likes on your Office as well. You have a daily limit of five likes, so you earn a limit of five Liking Coins per day.


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The most important part of the Office is the Crafting. Crafting lets you make outfits that you’ll be able to use in jobs and having good outfits on your characters will let you perform better in said jobs. Every outfit has different stats to them and the better stats they have, the most materials they’ll need to craft them. Materials can be obtained from jobs.


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The Office has three departments that can be upgraded: Business, Clothing, and Marketing. Upgrading each department will level up two different aspects related to your Work.

  • Leveling up the Business Department will upgrade how fast your Work Tickets recover as well how many you can hold at one time.
  • Upgrading the Clothing Department will increase the drop rate for both the patterns and materials.
  • Upgrading the Marketing Department will level up how much L$ you can earn from jobs and your GREAT rates.

To upgrade the departments, they’ll cost L$. Each department can be upgraded all the way to level 15, and they all come with their unique perks. To see what will specifically be leveled up at each level, you can hit the “Rewards” button under the department.