How to reroll in Ensemble Stars Music

Get the result your heart desires.

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Rerolling in any gacha is a lifesaving opportunity that allows players to keep trying until they get the desired result they want. The free-to-play gacha rhythm game, Ensemble Stars Music, also gives players the chance to reroll until they get their favorite card in the game.

How to reroll for your favorite character in Ensemble Stars Music

After you get through the tutorial songs at the start of the game, you’ll be allowed to pull a card from one of the 14 units available: 2wink, ALKALOID, AKATSUKI, Crazy:B Eden, fine, Knights, MaM, RYUSEITAI, Ra*bits, Switch, Trickstar, UNDEAD, or Valkyrie. Now, you’ll only get one card from this pull, but it’s guaranteed to be either a four or five-star. The leaders are the five-stars cards while the rest of the members of each unit are four-stars.

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If you don’t get your favorite character, you can hit the white button in the bottom left-hand corner that says, “Scout Again.” You’ll be able to re-select the unit and scout again. This is the only time you’ll be able to reroll in the game. After you leave this screen, you’ll have to pay whatever currency the scout is asking for, whether it be diamonds or tickets. This can get expensive, and you aren’t always guaranteed to get a good result with your pulls. Be sure that you’re happy with the result you got before hitting “OK.”

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While it may seem tempting to just get the card of your favorite boy, we strongly recommend going against that urge and suggest that you keep rerolling until you get a five-star. Five-stars are the strongest type of card in the game. Not only are you getting a five-star for free, but you’re also making it a bit easier for yourself to help get those Live rewards and early rehearsal missions. If your favorite happens to be one of the four-star cards available, just hold off on them for now. You can always pull for them later in the normal scouting pool.