How Events work in Ensemble Stars Music

Get that five-star card!

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Events in Ensemble Stars Music happen about once a month. In these events, you’ll be collecting points by playing through Lives. After getting enough points, you’ll get rewards, which range from BP items like Megaphones and Whistles, diamonds, experience tickets, Event stories, gems, Event stories, and even unique three-, four-, and five-star event cards. The five-star card is what you’ll want to be aiming for. However, it isn’t an easy reward to get, and with only eight days to get it, you need to be careful about how spend your time and your resources, or else you might not get that five-star card.

How to be successful in Events in Ensemble Stars Music

Whether it’s your first Event or not in Ensemble Stars, it’s going to be intimidating, especially if your favorite boy has a five-star up for grabs. However, with these tips, you’re going to get that five-star card with ease.

Play the Event Song with the 5x or 10x multiplier

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Not only will you be collecting points, but you’ll also be collecting something called Entry Passes. Entry Passes allow you to play the Event Song. This is how you’ll be getting a chunk of points in the event. Rather than immediately playing it once you have 100 Entry Passes, we recommend waiting until you have 500 or 1,000 Entry Passes. The 10x option won’t become available until the second half of the event when everyone is rushing to get that five-star card. Until then, just use the 5x option. This will multiply your points by five.

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Play on Hard or Expert & use all your BP on songs

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To get the most points out of a single song, you’ll want to play on either Hard or Expert as well as use 10 BP on a song. By using 10 BP, you’ll be able to multiple your Event points and Entry Passes earned by 10. To give an example, playing on Hard and using 10 BP, we were able to score 21,800 points on a single song. Before that, we only used 3 BP and only managed to nab around 6,500 points. That’s a major difference in points.

Play Lives on Auto

Once you unlock the Auto option for Lives, just play them on Auto. This will make the game play the Live for you. You won’t be penalized for it whatsoever and you’ll just be rewarded the same number of points you would if you just had played the Live yourself. Play smarter, not harder.

Use every resource besides diamonds to replenish your BP

During Events, you’ll be given Whistles and a Megaphone as either log-in rewards or for getting a certain amount of points. Just like your diamonds, these Whistles and Megaphones will replenish your BP. There are two major differences between diamonds, Megaphones, and Whistles. One, Megaphones and Whistles are time-limited and will expire shortly after the Event ends. Two, a Megaphone will fully replenish your BP while a single Whistle will replenish one BP. This is much better than using diamonds because it costs 20 diamonds to get back one BP. You will want to prioritize using Megaphones and Whistles over diamonds. Diamonds are your most precious resource as these are the only thing you can use to scout for four and five-star cards. So, unless you’re trying to multiple copies of the five-star Event card, never ever use your Diamonds to replenish your BP unless absolutely necessary.

See how many lives it will take you to get the five-star card

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The Events are eight days long and to get a single copy of the five-star card you’ll have to get 3,500,000 points. See how much you’re earning on average from each Live you’re doing. For example, if you’re earning 20,000 points from every Live, it’ll take you about 175 Lives to 3,500,000 points. From that point forward, you need to plan how you’re going to get there. Things like replenishing your BP with Megaphones and Whistles are one way to help with that. When you run out of those, make sure you log back into the game when the game notifies you that your BP is full. Lastly, again, unless it’s absolutely necessary, use your diamonds to get that five-star. But you should only do that in the final stretch of the event when you have no other option.