How does the Valorant Battle Pass work? Answered

Earn rewards while playing Valorant.

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Valorant has a Battle Pass system to reward all players as they progress through the game. The more often they play, the more rewards they receive, completing specific missions by participating in Game Modes or completing objectives. The Valorant Battle Pass works slightly different from a traditional one, as it’s broken up into three tiers. In this guide, we will cover how the Valorant Battle Pass works.

The Valorant Battle Pass, called an episode, is divided into three unique acts. Each of these acts contains 55 tiers for players to progress through, broken up into chapters. There are 11 chapters for each act, with 10 full chapters and then an epilogue. All chapters are broken up into five tiers, and you’ll need to earn more experience than you did in the previous tier to go up to the next one. In addition, there is a free version and a Premium Battle Pass, with the Premium containing more cosmetics, RP, and a knife skin at the end of the act.

Valorant follows this system for each battle pass. However, small passes have been released alongside an existing one to celebrate a special event. Therefore, you can expect to find three acts outside of this within a single pass.

Despite an act being within an episode, you will have to buy each act separately. These acts last close to two months, meaning you’ll need to purchase the new act when it releases. Once a battle pass act has ended, the progression is locked, and you cannot attempt to unlock the rewards within it, and they will no longer be available for you to earn.

You can look forward to a new episode every six months, kicking off a new series of acts and battle passes within them.