How does Twitch’s new Ads Incentive Program work? Answered

Grow your streaming income with ad revenue.

Image by Gamepur

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Yesterday, Twitch launched a new initiative to help streamers and other content creators generate more reliable income through ad revenue aptly named theĀ Ads Incentive Program, or AIP pronounced “ape.”

AIP aims to pay streamers a guaranteed monthly minimum amount of ad revenue based on the number of ads run per hour and total hours streamed. As it’s a brand new program, the incentive is currently offered only to a select few Affiliate and Partner-level streamers. If you happen to be one of the lucky Affiliates or Partners to receive the offer, you’ll see it on your Ads Manager dashboard.

Once you accept the offer, the Ads Manager will be set at the rate of your choice, taking the guesswork out of which timestamps to set the ad breaks. For example, if you choose the $100 incentive rate, your streams will run two minutes of ads per hour. Pick the $500 rate, and your streams will run four minutes of ads per hour.

Image via Twitch

Regardless of your preferred rate, you have to stream 40 hours a month to earn that extra income. Stream beyond those hours, and you’ll earn additional revenue at your normal rate.

Twitch created AIP to make life easier for streamers who rely on donations and subscriptions on the platform as their only source of income, which can fluctuate from month to month and make it difficult for them to pay the bills. “Having a reliable floor of ad revenue should enable you to better plan for the future, whatever that may look. We hope it’s an important step towards empowering creators,” it said.