How does willpower work in BitLife?

Modify a character’s willpower to see what happens.


For those looking for a mobile life simulator to lose themselves in, BitLife is an excellent option. You can check out what it would be like to engage in a life of crime in it, and eventually escape from prison if you get caught. There’s plenty to do. However, a particular statistic in the game stumping people is willpower, and how it works. 

You can find the willpower statistic in the new God Mode update that rolled out for the game on iOS. When you edit a character in the game, you can see how much willpower they have how much you can modify, changing how they react to certain things. There’s not too much information about what this does, exactly. Given the definition of the word, it’s likely tied to how much willingness a person has to give in when thinking about specific actions they know are bad compared to ones they know are right.

For example, if an alcoholic has the willpower to resist the urge to have a drink, or if someone wishes to cheat on their girlfriend behind their back. The more willpower an individual has, the less likely they are to give in to certain urges. If you create a character who has less willpower in their moral compass, chances are they’re likely to cause a lot more trouble than someone who has plenty of it. You can play around with the statistic while in God Mode to see how it works on specific individuals. You probably don’t have to turn it up, or down, you can see what happens when it’s at a quarter of the bar, at half of the bar, or 75 percent.

God Mode will be coming to Android BitLife players in the future. As of this writing, only iOS players have access to this statistic. Those who are playing it should check it out and see what sort of trouble characters cause when they have less willpower, or what else they do when they have more.