How to escape prison in BitLife

It takes some planning, but it’s always beatable.


Image via Candywriter LLC

The mobile life sim game BitLife is a lot of fun, and the life of crime is one that can be an amusing life to play out. Robbery and car theft can be very lucrative, but it also puts you at risk of being caught. If you are caught, you’re going to be put in prison.

Even in prison, it can provide a fun distraction as you can either try to earn the respect of the prison yard or be a model prisoner and you might just be considered for parole early. The choice is yours. However, if you want to see what the life of an escaped convict is like, then you’re going to need to escape first. If you do, you’re going to be met with something that looks a little like this:

The object of this mini-game is simple: reach the exit before the guard catches you. The higher the security level the prison that you’ve been placed in, the bigger the layout of the escape and the more difficult it is to break out. This might seem like a difficult task at first as the guard can move twice as many tiles as you can. However, they have a couple of rules by which they have to stick by. 

First, the guard must move toward you. They can’t loop around to reach your position. Secondly, they must move horizontally first, meaning that they cannot move horizontally after moving vertically. All of the puzzle layouts have a solution, and if you can remember these rules and plan accordingly, you can win every time.

The map below is the same as the one above, a low-security prison. While this does not normally show on the game, grid markers have been added here to help demonstrate an escape.

For this puzzle, immediately moving to the left to C4 will cause the guard to move left to C2, blocking him from moving down by a wall. However, if you move right again, he will move back and down, leaving you with no escape.

If you continue moving left, the guard won’t move. However, if you move to A2, and then move to A1, the guard will move upwards from their position to C1 as they would only be able to move vertically. After moving back to A2, the guard will then move closer to you, going to B1, and then B2. Here, the guard is blocked in three directions.

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This then is your opportunity to escape. Move over to D2, in line with the guard on row 2. He cannot move yet as you are on the same row, and can’t go around. Moving to D1 will allow the guard to move up and closer to you, but you only need one more turn to reach the exit.

This is an example of a simpler version of some of the puzzles you can encounter. Low-security prisons typically consist of 16 square grids, medium-security are 25 squares, and maximum security is 35 squares, each with an exit. However, the premise is the same amongst all of the escape puzzles. Trap the guard far away enough from the exit that you have a clean run to the door.