How to escape jail in BitLife

It takes some planning, but it’s always beatable.

Image via Candywriter

One of the many things you can do in BitLife is commit crimes, but performing these actions potentially leads you to jail. Unfortunately, there’s little you can do outside of waiting out your sentence when you’re in prison. However, there’s also the chance for you to escape if you’re willing to risk it. Escaping means you’ll have to perform the mini-game associated with it correctly.

Here’s what the Prison Escape mini-game looks like when you first attempt it. First, you’ll receive a brief breakdown of what you need to do. Your goal is to reach the Exit sign and not be caught by the guard. Whenever you move, the guard moves.

The escape layout may vary, depending on how much security is in prison they’re holding you. The guard moves twice as many tiles as you do. Although the guards cannot loop around to grab you, they cannot move up and then right, so they can only move in one direction whenever they move. With this knowledge, we’ll show you how to get past the guard in the puzzle above and trap them in tile B2.

The map below is the same as the one above, a low-security prison. While this does not usually show on the game, grid markers have been added to help demonstrate an escape.

For this puzzle, immediately moving to the left to C4 will cause the guard to move left to C2, blocking him from moving down by a wall. However, if you move right again, he will move back and down, leaving you with no escape.

First, you want to move to tile C4, forcing the guard to mirror your movement, trapping them on tile C2. Then, you want to move up over to A4, and then to A2, and then to A1. The guard will move your movements, but they can’t chase you, forcing them to move up to C1 and then slide over to B1. Finally, after you have them in B1, you can move back down to A2, forcing them to B2, trapping them.

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You can now slide all over the way over to D2, ensuring the guard does not follow you, allowing you to move into the exit before the guard reaches you. This will not be the same puzzle for every prison escape in BitLife, but it provides you a good idea of what you’ll need to do if you want to outthink the guard. You should be able to find a tile where the guard is blocked off from you, allowing you to escape.

This is an example of a simpler version of some of the puzzles you can encounter. Low-security prisons typically consist of 16 square grids, medium-security are 25 squares, and maximum security is 35 squares, each with an exit. However, the premise is the same amongst all of the escape puzzles. Trap the guard far away enough from the exit that you have a clean run to the door.