How emotes and Anti-Peek work in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

Nessie plush emote best emote.

Ground Emotes

Images via Respawn

Emotes have been a big part of hero shooter culture for a long time, and while Apex Legends has had skydive emotes, that wasn’t really something you used in-game outside of jump towers. All of that has changed with Season 9: Legacy’s introduction of ground emotes. Similar to what you might see in titles like Overwatch, ground emotes are quirky ways to show of a Legend or a player’s personality in a match.

When you emote, they will be shown in third-person, but the camera will be fixed in a way that prevents using it to peek around corners. This Anti-Peek system is always enabled, but you can see below how it would look without versus how it will actually look in-game.

Emote Anti-Peek
Image via Respawn

One of the emotes players are most excited about it Wattson’s Nessie emote, because unlike the other emotes, it leaves a game-long mark on the map. Wattson is able to place down a Nessie plush and leave it there. There is a good chance that when players first get their hands on this, we could end up with Nessies all over the map, and totally we’re okay with that.

Wattson Emote
Image via Respawn

Emotes can be equipped to a wheel and can be used as often as you want. Spam them to your heart’s content, but make sure you aren’t in any danger if you do.