How expeditions work in Pikmin Bloom

Send them out on adventures.

Image via Pikmin Bloom YouTube

The Pikmin in your squad will be valuable allies for you to work with while you walk around your neighborhood. You’ll be able to reward them with Nectar during your adventure, and they’ll grow flower petals on their head that you can collect and use to grow flowers where you walk. The Pikmin will also be capable of going on expeditions while you work with them. Here’s what you need to know about expeditions in Pikmin Bloom. These are different from the random times your Pikmin leave and return with fruit.

To send a Pikmin out on an adventure, go to the Steps page in your main menu and scroll to the right side until you see the Expeditions option. You’ll then be able to send out your Pikmin on these adventures to return with the various gifts available for that expedition.

An expedition is when your Pikmin will search for fruit or other seedlings in their area, returning with an item for you. Any fruit you receive from your Pikmin becomes Nectar, giving your Pikmin more flowers to bloom on their head that you can turn used during your adventure. The flower petals are how you’ll be able to plant flowers on your walking path as you travel around your neighborhood.

When a Pikmin returns with a seedling, you’ll have the chance to grow it in the planter on your back. You’ll only be able to produce another Pikmin seedling if you have a spare slot available that you can place in your planter. Right now, you can only grow up to six Pikmin at the same time.

When a Pikmin provides you with all of the flower petals they can grow in a day, they’re going to become too tired, and they cannot go out on expeditions. You’ll have to wait until the following day for their flowers to return, and they’ll be able to go out on more expeditions, too.