How fatigue works in Wartales

Don’t let your troops get too tired.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fatigue is one of the mechanics you will need to get used to in Wartales. Fatigue affects more than just how you move across the world. It also determines how well your units perform during combat. Keeping an eye on your fatigue is an essential part of staying alive. Here is how fatigue works in Wartales.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your fatigue bar is found at the top of the screen whenever you are in the overworld. It is a yellow bar that slowly depletes as your units walk across the map and fight enemies in combat. If the bar gets low, your troops will start to grow weary, and traveling across the map will become harder. The rate at which your units walk will decrease to a snail’s pace. During combat, all of your troops will receive a debuff as well. This debuff decreases their strength and dexterity by 30%.

When the yellow bar fully depletes, the color of it will switch to red. During this time, the bar will begin to fill back up. If it completely fills, your units and horses will start to die from exhaustion. To replenish the fatigue bar, you will first need to set up camp. This is done by selecting the tent symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Once you have a camp set up, you will need to have your troops eat and rest. To do this, select the campfire in the center of the camp. This will bring up a menu with food options if you have them available. Select what food you want your units to enjoy and select the rest button at the bottom of the menu. Time will fly by and your troops will be ready to travel once more.