How to find the hidden stash in the Outlaw Outpost near Union Bridge in Everspace 2

A clever hiding place.

Everspace 2

Everspace 2 can reward you with some solid loot if you take the time to explore the undiscovered regions you will see on your map. If you check out the one that is right beside Union Bridge, you will discover an outpost that is home to some outlaws.

You can take out the ships and drones, then loot the area, but don’t be too quick to leave or you will miss out on a secret. In the main body of the base, you will find a door that, when opened, contains a button you need to push.

The first thing you may need help with is getting the door open. You will need to find a charge that will fit in the socket above the door, and this can be located on the asteroid floating off to the right. The asteroid is in the center of the image below.

When you get the door open, you will discover a large red button. When you shoot it, it will temporarily turn green, then switch back to red again. What you need to do is move a piece of floating rubble from in from of the door. This will allow you to fly to the orange door shown on the right in the image above.

If you shoot the button from here, it will cause the orange door to open, giving you access to a loot container that is hidden inside. A very clever means of hiding loot for these sneaky outlaws.

In the early game, it is important to grab up all the loot you can find. You can sell it for credits, break it down for parts, or use it on your ship if it offers you stats boost.