How to fix the “Reliable packet 1 (size=15) was not ack’d after” Error in Among Us

Suffering from success.

How to play Among Us on Mac?

Among Us continues to surge in popularity, as more people discover the joys of murdering their friends in space. I imagine many a friendship has been forged by decapitating someone and hiding in a vent, right? Sadly, this popularity is not without issue.

Many players are being hit with an error that says “Reliable packet 1 (size=15) was not ack’d after”. Much like other “reliable packet” errors, this one seems to be caused as a result of the success of the game. The developers have done their best to keep up with demand, but the surge of people looking to play continues to grow, leading to issues with the number of people trying to play on one server.

The first thing to do is check and see if you can access the game through another server. Hit the settings button in the bottom right of the screen when you are on the screen to set up a game. Pick a new server from the options, and see if you can join. This is a pretty easy fix for the problem and has helped most players solve the issue.

While the game might be extremely busy in your region, things can be much calmer in another region, meaning there is plenty of room on the servers there for you and your friends to play. There is no real downside to playing on a server on a different continent, simply because Among Us isn’t really about having lightning-fast reflexes, and is just about planning your move as carefully as you can.

If this doesn’t solve the issue for you, then sadly you may just have to ride out a very busy window for the game and then jump back in later.