How Franchise Scouting will work in Madden 22

It’s going to look different.

Last year, Madden 21’s Scouting system certainly didn’t seem all that exciting. Previously, Madden players, once prompted by the game, were asked to go through the lists of draft-eligible players, and then spend Scouting Points in order to discover an athlete’s key attributes and potential. This year, EA Sports and the Madden development team have touted that Scouting will get a big upgrade for Madden 22. Here’s what we know about how it will work this year.

First off, it’s important to note that the changes that will be made to this year’s game are based off of player requests. EA stated that the Madden community “highly requested” a more robust scouting system in Madden. The Madden devs have seemingly listened, and here’s what we know so far.

Based off of the screenshots that EA has released thus far, the United States will be split up into several regions. You will be tasked to assign that region’s area scout to go and look at the prospects for that particular region.

Screenshot from EA Sports

Each scout will also reportedly have an Expertise tier, which appears to boost the scouting efficiency based upon the expertise of that scout.

Screenshot from EA Sports

This Scouting system looks to be a welcome change to the Madden franchise, but unfortunately, players will need to wait a bit longer for this feature. EA Sports has stated that since this is such as significant overhaul, the feature will be added as part of a Live Service update in the month of September. Madden 22 players will need to update and restart the game once this is added, in order to access the new Scouting features.